Report on the Day Conference, Athens, May 21st, 2016



Report on the Day Conference

“International developments and the Greek reality on the parenting responsibilities of children of separated and divorced parents”


On Saturday May 21st of 2016 for the first time in Athens was held an especially important kick off Day Conference with subject “International developments and the Greek reality on the parenting responsibilities of children of separated and divorced parents”.

The participants analyzed the existing law framework on the upbringing of separated and divorced parents and it’s consequences from the legal and psychosocial side for children.  The majority of the canvassers suggested the change of legislation and the existing family law and the introduction of the institution of shared parenting of children of separated and divorced parents.  They also suggested that it is imperative to restart the function of the supportive court psychosocial services.

Shared Parenting means that both parents bring up the child, that is a) Shared Custody and b) as much as possible Equal Time and Care from both parents whereas equal is defined the  time that guarantees at least 35% of the child’s time with each parent, including overnight stays.

Shared Parenting has been proven internationally to be the best child upbringing system, where the parents do not live together, at least as good as that where parents live at the same household as a couple.  On the contrary, exclusive custody has been proved to be a system with catastrophic results for the child.


The commencement of the event was held by the representative of Mr. K. Papaioannou Secretary General of Transparency and Human Rights of the Ministry of Justice, stating the need for modernization of the Family Law and that the reform should focus on the rights of the child.  Mr. E. Xintaropoulos stated that “the responsible lawmaking committee of the Ministry of Justice for the family law will be called … to examine law aspects of analogous subjects of family law in general”.

Greetings were addressed by the S.G. of the International Council of Shared Parenting – ICSP Mrs. A. Hoffmeyer.

Professors Dr E. Kruk, Dr B. Fouskas, Dr N. Holstein and Dr V. Vezetti presented through video messages the advantages and the world wide spreading of the application of Shared Parenting.

The propositions where developed in two sections.

On the first section the propositions of psychiatrists-psychologists were introduced on the consequences of divorce on child upbringing and the advantages of Shared Parenting.  Some propositions focused especially on child abuse and parental alienation which are extremely hard to detect in Greece due to lack of appropriate supportive psychosocial services on courts and of special Family Courts.

On the second section the legal aspects of the matter were examined and the question of explanation or reformation of the existing law was raised.  The analysis of “paradigm change” was of special interest with referrals on the characteristics of the preceding and the existing law and the need for “change of paradigm” with the introduction of Shared Parenting.  Mrs. Mpliati, special scientist, exposed the views of the Greek Ombudsman on the protection of children’s rights of separated and divorced parents and how these have been proposed on the reformation of family law.  The void that was created due to the abolishment of the order that established the psychosocial services and suggested the creation of a body of psychiatrist, psychologist social servants on courts according to the fore type of the judicial clerks.


It is worth noting that all the political parties’ representatives were warmly in favor of Shared Parenting and the need for adjustment of the Greek Legislature and reality.

The vice-president of the “Political Bond of Women” Mrs. Z. Dimadama characteristically said that: “there exists a transition.  We used to talk about the role of women and now we talk about gender equality.  We discuss the balanced participation of men on opportunities and we put parental responsibility in this equality of genders.  There is an expansion and an effort that the child is introduced on this attempt of equality”.

The representative of the governing party, SYRIZA, Mr. Lamprou, stated that: “Since society is changing, families are changing, court rooms as well should adjust to those changes regardless of law…without me underestimating at all the law frame and the need to change immediately certain things…SYRIZA clearly supports as a basic principle joint custody of children…the law making committee of family law…is on the process of reviewing family law. … It is worth the effort for the child to share its daily life with mom and dad, on vacation and everyday and for the father not to be the weekend parent or a money cutting machine!”

The representative of the POTAMI party, Mrs. Tjoulia stated that Greek law and case-law are outdated and the Greek System suffers.  Law reform is an imperative and we should organize the subject from the beginning.  “The POTAMI agrees with the Joint Custody as a principle, family courts, mediation and the compromised solution of differences”.

Videos of the presentations and videomessages as well as the minutes of the Conference will be published soon on this site.

The seminar was organized by the scientific company “Greek Council of Shared Parenting-CSP GREECE”.

Contact person :  Paparrigopoulos I.  ++ 30 6932410460










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